IT Lifecycle - Infrastructure & Operations

IT Lifecycle - Infrastructure & Operations

IT lifecycle management is defined as the beginning to end process of acquiring, installing, maintaining, tracking and the retirement of an asset. JW Affinity IT can provide these lifecycle services with the flexibility to meet the needs of clients of all scales and environments types. We provide support for all end user computing devices such as desktop workstations, mobile devices, printers, peripheral devices, and any associated support such as managed servers, networked devices, and software applications.

Managing assets is critical to avoid the potential risks that exist in the absence of an asset management strategy. The ability to accurately track and maintain your hardware and software assets can increase security, protect intellectual property, and mitigate the risk of vendor audits. An in depth understanding of your IT asset environment is vital in order to avoid the financial burden and negative impact to competitive advantage associated with these risks. 

Our lifecycle services provide full end-to-end management from procurement to disposition of hardware and software technology and the requisite support of such assets. Clients have the option of enjoying a full suite of managed services or selecting from a menu of individual services that best suit their needs.

JW Affinity IT offers an effective IT asset lifecycle management model, a high efficiency and capacity service desk capability, streamlined service delivery processes, trusted advisor based client relationship. Our objective is to help our clients increase overall productivity while reducing total lifecycle costs in order to maximize value from their investment in IT infrastructure.


Procurement: The strategic planning, negotiating and acquisition of standardized assets.

Deployment: Placing hardware and software assets into the production environment in a meaningful and efficient manner.

Management: Post deployment support for all assets to include unforeseen issues and compliance with security and other standards.

Disposition: Responsibly removing Assets from the environment both physically and logically while safeguarding company data and licensing.

Custom Supporting Tools .

The asset discovery module collects information on all hardware and software components of your assets by querying all devices that are connected to the network. No additional software or agents are required to be installed on these machines thus saving configuration time.

Tool Benefits:
 Tracking of hardware on the network.
 Software Asset tracking.
 Better utilization of the available hardware and software resources.
 Software license compliance.
 Maintain Software usage compliance as per company policy.
The asset tracking module that enables you to manage your physical inventories with ease. The module is fully customizable to fit your needs. 
The following are sample data fields that can be tracked; labels can be added or changed as requested by the customer: 

 Serial Number
 Model Number
 Order Number
 Software Installed
 Barcode Number
 Unique Asset Control Number
This module processes IT refreshes from start to end. Product can be tracked upon receipt at dock to final disposition. The module also tracks end user equipment replacement needs such as software requirements. Scheduling functionality is also available with the module as well as the ability to track the asset being replace. All installed software is tracked in module as well. Details of disposition of retired assets are included in the record to ensure the asset is removed from books and properly documented.

This is a fully robust module that tracks orders from an approved request to delivery to end user. The tool also tracks labor entries and integrates into a billing module to track and process all labor billing. 

The tool consists of the following modules:
 Receiving module
 Configuration module
 Scheduling module
 Deployment module
 Billing Module
 Labor Tracking Module
 Labor Billing Module
 End to End reporting
This module tracks and monitors all repair, maintenance, and quality control of your assets. It tracks all maintenance contracts to alert you when contracts nearing renewal periods so all costs can be properly tracked. Maintenance data fields include: 

 Maintenance Start Date
 Maintenance Estimated Finish Date
 Maintenance End Date
 Maintenance Cost
 Maintenance Custodian
 Parts Cost
 Labor Cost
 Total Cost
 Maintenance Notes Field
This module allows organizations to centralize terms and commitments for all leased assets including computers, printers, Servers and more. Our centralized, web-based database ensures preparedness for lease expirations, renewals and purchase options. The AMS module also has integrated reporting and alerts allowing users to generate notices to ensure accurate returns at lease end dates.

Additional Offerings.

Staff augmentation brings value to companies looking for solutions to manage your IT people costs, ramp up for specific projects or looking for specific skill sets.  

Identifying, hiring, and retaining well-qualified technical staff may be the most challenging opportunity for fulfilling a customer’s requirements. At JW Affinity IT we leverage our referral network, partners, and full-time recruiters utilizing a well-established personnel management system to attract, hire, develop, and retain qualified personnel. As a contingency plan, we have established relationships with several prominent IT staffing organizations able to assist in the event of surge and reach-back requirements.


Cost Management & Flexibility
Managing the ebb and flow for resources utilizing staff augmentation allows organizations to gain access to resources when needed and is typically less expensive than hiring and retaining full-time staff

Access to Spectrum of Skills
From administrative support to strategic advisors and executive leaders, our pool of resources encompasses a wide range within IT. This allows your organization to tap into specialized expertise when needed or provide staffing for day-to-day operations

Your organization maintains total control.  Our resources will take direction from your 
executives. Leveraging company leadership to supervise resources improves the integration with the existing teams and reduces resistance from your employee’s.

Vendor Negotiation Relationships
A key component of developing a successful IT management organization is the ability to effectively negotiate, develop, and manage IT agreements and vendor relationships. Many IT programs have been negatively impacted as a result of poorly negotiated contracts and the inability to adequately manage these relationships. A successful IT organization is best served to engage with partners that act as a trusted advisor with a mutual understanding that all parties’ best interested are taken in consideration. The leaders at JW Affinity IT have a history of acting as trusted advisors to organizations of all scales and markets. Concurrently, our past and present relationships with IT vendors in infrastructure, application, and consulting arenas enable us to provide our clients with equipment, solutions, and strategies that best fit their environments.

Contract Management
During vendor partnership engagements as negotiations are taking place and service level agreements are being defined, IT organizations must be developing a strategy to monitor the key performance factors in the agreement. Strong service level agreements and key milestones are essential in any vendor partnership, but they can be rendered ineffective if the organization cannot effective monitor these stipulations. In order to enforce the agreement, the organization must assertively document and monitor compliance factors, and exercise remedies in the event that vendors fail to meet compliance guidelines. The most critical components of a successful partnership are the ability to clearly define, document, and manage agreements between your organization and said partner.

Procurement Services
JW Affinity IT Procurement Services’ goal is determining the best possible solution to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location.  We use defined processes intended to promote fair and open competition for our client’s business while minimizing the risk of fraudulent suitors. When making procurement decisions we encourage clients to consider factors such as delivery and handling, marginal benefit, and price fluctuations. Blending these considerations with an economic analysis method such as cost-benefit analysis or cost-utility analysis has proven to produce smart, real world, prudent decision making analytics.

Technical Project Management office accounts for all aspects of planning and delivering IT-related projects. The associated responsibilities span planning and managing budget, scope, work plans, resources, client relationships, deliverable creation, issues, project communications and overall delivery on time and on budget.

 Management of onshore and offshore resources
 Delivery and release schedules
 Provide management reporting and accountable delivery
 Evaluate and present solutions objectively
 Facilitate conflict resolution
 Participate in meetings & reviews with customers and team members
 Make sure that there is a documented process from business requirement/specifications to development

All JW Affinity IT personnel have the following qualities:
 Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills to interact with all levels of an organization
 Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions
 Ability to work independently and within a team environment
 Multitasking capabilities
 Ability to mentor and develop skills for staff development

Performance monitoring of applications is critical to the success of the company as a whole, not just an IT organization, but to the company as a whole. This IT program has possibly the greatest impact on the business environment and its end users. The primary goal in performance monitoring is to detect and diagnose application performance deficiencies as quickly as possible in order to maintain the expected level of service and availability. IT organizations must have the capacity and capability to properly monitor the performance and availability of all business applications.

JW Affinity IT staff includes accomplished tech writers who have many years experience with small and large organizations developing work instruction documentation and Standard operation instructions for all to follow on projects and day to day operations. Technical content plays a more important role than ever in how company products and services are received and consumed in today’s environment. JW Affinity IT technical writers are seasoned professionals who know the right questions to ask, have a short learning curve, and are quick, clear, and easy to work with. They are part of your team of consultants and project managers who have the ability and expertise to deliver any type of technical content that creates a positive customer experience, improves quality, and enhances employee performance.

With society’s improving comfort level with technological devices, the demand for the use of mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs puts a strain on organizations to introduce this technology into their environment. JW Affinity IT has extensive experience in implementing these technologies into an organization’s environment. Studies show benefits of BYOD include increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction and cost savings for the company.  Increased productivity comes primarily from a user having a greater familiarity with their personal devices. Being an expert user makes navigating the device easier, thus increasing productivity.

Additionally, personal devices are often more cutting edge as company technology refreshes don’t happen as often. Employee satisfaction, or job satisfaction, occurs with BYOD by allowing the user to use the device they have selected as their own rather than one selected by the IT team. It also allows them to carry one device as opposed separate devices for work and personal use. Companies can incur cost savings by reducing the number of deployed assets in the environment. However, proper preparation, testing, and effective guidelines are critical to the success of these programs and the realization of cost savings.

As the segmented roles of telecommunications, technology, and media delivery markets continue to blend together in today’s landscapes, Companies face an increasing challenge in developing telecommunications strategies that will maximize potential while also controlling costs. New telecom technologies include cloud computing, secured transactions, and the ever progressing mobile and wireless technologies with a wide range of new functions. While these and other technologies can improve productivity and efficiency of an organization, the design and implementation of these technologies is a daunting task for even the most advanced enterprises. 

The JW Affinity IT team and their wide network of partners and subject matter experts have assisted in successful strategic development and management of implementation activities of new telecom technologies for previous clients of various markets and scopes. Our combined expertise enables us to support an organization should they decide to advance their telecom capabilities. We can assist in developing a clear strategy and can supplement IT management during implementation to ensure that costs are controlled and goals are reached. 

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