IT Strategy, Planning & Consulting

IT Strategy, Planning & Consulting

IT organizations are facing demanding requirements from their businesses in today’s environment.  IT is no longer a utility player but being driven to proactively enable digital efforts while continuing to support IT Operations.  Organizations will need an IT Strategy aligned to business and enterprise objectives that defines future state IT including innovative approaches, speed, technology and agility to deliver value solutions.

JW Affinity brings experience and subject matter experts working with C-level clients to assess, develop, execute and communicate IT Strategic solutions.   Our offerings provide an IT Strategic roadmap to deliver business capabilities and provide new service offerings while ensuring IT fundamentals are in place for day to day operations.  JW Affinity IT can provide a comprehensive solution or customize from these key area’s to integrate into existing IT Strategic roadmap and objectives.   As part of our offerings JW Affinity can provide key messaging, board level presentations, organizational change management and communications.  As a trusted advisor you can be confident in our dedication and partnership to provide value for successful change.

IT Strategic Solutions

At JW Affinity IT, we understand that each client is unique with different objectives and priorities. The key to a successful partnership is an understanding of your organizational culture, environment, mission, objectives, expectations and current barriers to your success. Inputs from these discussions allow JW Affinity IT the ability to craft solutions with measurable performance and value metrics.

Our Strategic Offerings include:

Our approach integrates the discovery/assessment, validation, analysis, recommendation, and the implementation phases. We leverage our collective experience and skills to quickly but methodically sift through all available resources – current artifacts, reports/studies, etc. and assess the current tools and processes involved. Our discovery process focuses on identifying trends and performs extensive “root-cause” analysis. Our recommendations are holistic in nature with due emphasis on people, process, and technology/systems aspects. We also leverage these forums to agree on the future-state capability for achieving business alignment and delivering business and IT outcomes.
JW Affinity IT’s approach ensures key business/IT stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME) are involved throughout the process. We focus our efforts on confirming that proposed changes incorporate critical business operating factors to ensure alignment. The following are key aspects of our assessment approach

  • JW Affinity IT will leverage subject matter expertise along with all existing artifacts – all pertinent third party studies, IT functional strategy documents, and reports will be appropriately utilized in the assessment phase. 
  • Our team will perform detailed analysis at the sub-process/component level to produce “heat-maps” to highlight potential gaps, deficiencies, and provide actionable recommendations to close gaps – these recommendations will be the basis for future state priorities.
  • A consistent framework will be used to capture feedback, validate the processes, artifacts and tools used against leading industry practices.   

                                             Solution Framework

                                                       Engagement Approach

The JW Affinity IT team utilizes industry best practices and standard methodologies to deliver sustainable change. JW Affinity IT utilizes methodologies which can include: ITIL, CMMI, PMI, Lean Six Sigma.

Change management and organizational change management is a vital component to successful transformations.  Without change management, there are major risk of failure when implementing new business strategies.  Change requires your organization to adopt new

mindsets, processes and technologies in order to achieve benefits. 

Even with perfect planning, strategic objectives, technologies and tools may not provide lasting benefits without  incorporating change management to identify risks, cultures, behaviors,  people, processes & technologies to implement lasting change.

Change management affects the “people” side of change and leaders throughout the organizations, executives, senior leaders, managers & individual contributors.  To enact change people need to feel engaged, working collectively towards a shared objective.   By formalizing change management and incorporating communication plans stakeholders are more likely to adopt the change for sustainable results.

JW Affinity IT has the ability to advise  and incorporate your existing OCM processes, methodologies, communications to produce a comprehensive plan, develop key messaging for target audiences or assist in

key areas in which your organization may be struggling.

Successful OCM Strategies Include:
  • Agreement on a common vision for change  
  • Strong executive leadership
  • Strategies for educating employees about how work will change.
  • Performance measurement  plan – is the change successful or not? 
  • Mitigation plans
  • Rewards: Monetary and social - encouraging  individuals and groups to take ownership. 

Integrated Communications Plans:

  • Strategic Communications
  • Existing communication vehicles, delivery channels  and frequency
  • Message development and materials
  • Stakeholder groups: Board of directors, C-Level Executives, Senior Executives, Directors, Managers, Individual contributors
  • Communications Calendar including formal scheduled events


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